Publisher and Author

About the publisher:

Boroughgate Books is a small, independent publisher, set up in 2015, specializing in books about the local history of the Cleveland area of north-east Yorkshire. As a general rule, each book is the result of detailed research in original historic records held at national and regional archives, and supplemented by material in previously published works.

The first of these books, My Grandad was a “Felon”, was published in October 2015. The second, A Forgotten Industry, was published in October 2018. Details of both books can be found via the Publications tab above.

About the author:

Since his retirement, Peter Appleton has developed a keen interest in the history of Skelton-in-Cleveland and the surrounding area. Since 2011, he has made special study of the alum industry which once flourished in north-east Yorkshire. As a result of this, he was called upon to contribute to Channel 4’s series Britain at Low Tide, which transmitted in early 2018.

He is a founder member, and Secretary, of Skelton History Group, and is regularly called upon to give talks to other local organisations. His interest in the local heritage has led to him becoming a volunteer guide at the Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum and at Tocketts Mill water-powered corn mill. He also leads heritage-themed walks in and around north-east Yorkshire.

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